Automatic Backup Manager

Automatic Backup Manager

Automatic Backup Manger helps you keep data in a safe place
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Automatic Backup Manger is an application that helps you keep data in a safe place which you define.
This utility has a simple, uncluttered graphic interface. Moreover, it has no useless options that might cause confusion. All you have to do is set some basic steps, like selecting the folder you want to add for backup, setting the destination path, and establishing the temporal details of the backup process to take place. The demo version allows you to select only one folder for testing, but the full edition certainly offers the means to add as many folders as you want for automatic saving information in a secured area. I appreciated the developer's inspiration to have thought to a 'Backup Now' option. Thus, if you consider, out of precaution, that you can't wait for the process to take place at an already specified moment in time, you can launch the command on the spot.

The most important characteristic of this program remains the scheduling function. You can choose to take backup every day, week, or month at precisely defined time intervals. If you consider necessary, you can program the savings to take place hourly, at a particular minute.

This is a small tool that requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 to be installed. Otherwise, an error may occur and the Automatic Backup Manger won’t work.

I think this tool is useful, especially if your computer is used by many people. This way you can avoid losing files because of unexpected errors. The fact that the backup copy can be saved on external devices represents an advantage. So, you will not occupy your computer's disk space with duplicates.

Robert Vince
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  • Easy to use.
  • Data can be saved on external devices.
  • Uncluttered interface


  • The proper installation depends on Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
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